Malcolm has spent 35 years in the legal profession.  During that time he has practised as a commercial solicitor, both “in-house” and in private practice, dealing with litigation and non-contentious work at various timesand operating both domestically and on an international stage.  He has also been involved in law firm management, culminating in becoming the managing partner of his City firm.  He has also spent a number of years on the “other side” of the profession - the Bar - where he was Chief Executive of a leading set of barristers’ Chambers.

Malcolm’s experience is therefore unusual in that it covers the full gamut of legal life and experience and from a wide range of perspectives.

Professional Services Market

Malcolm now offers consultancy services, advice and assistance to the professional services market, including in the following areas:

  • Strategy and strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Marketing
  • Tendering processes
  • Client relationships
  • Corporate and management structures and alternative business models
  • Mergers and disposals
  • Key individual retention, mentoring and encouragement
  • Recruitment (individual or programmed)
  • Partner and employee issues and disputes, improving internal relationships, disciplinary processes
  • Project planning and change implementation
  • Property requirements
  • Quality control, risk assessment and regulatory compliance
  • Conducting reviews and assessments of complaints

Art Consultancy Services

Malcolm works with Jessica Franses through Vitruvian Arts Consultancy Limited, providing a range of services for sellers and buyers in the art market. Malcolm also works with VEDO Specialist Arts Consultants, providing art to the corporate sector.

Asset Finance and Leasing

Malcolm works with Philip Davies Consultancy, providing a range of services to the asset finance and leasing sector.