I have been involved in the legal profession in various guises for 35 years.  As a professional lawyer I have experienced a broad mix of legal work – litigation and non-contentious, private practice and “in-house”.

For many years I worked in an international commercial firm in the City, Hill Taylor Dickinson (“HTD”).  I became the managing partner of HTD with full executive control of the management, operation, administration and financing of the firm.  We were a 30 partner firm (with two overseas offices as well as the headquarters in the City of London), with a total headcount of c150 people.  As Managing Partner I had to deal with a wide range of situations including a major re-alignment of the overall business and a restructuring of the firm, all of which ultimately resulted in a substantially enhanced financial position. I then led the firm through to the (re)merger with Hill Dickinson LLP (a much larger entity) in late 2006.  

In 2012 I was appointed Chief Executive of a barristers’ chambers, 36 Bedford Row (“36 Group”).  36 Group is a multi-specialist set, undertaking a wide mix of work - criminal, family and civil.  This is a large and diverse set, geographically as well as in terms of work types.  During my time in 36 Group we restructured the business and approach, recruited many more barristers and increased the volume and profitability of the work considerably. Our strategic aim was to diversify out of the purely publicly funded sector and increasingly look to private work. I am now a consultant to 36 Group.

In addition to working with 36 Group I also work with an arts advisory company, Vitruvian Arts Consultancy Limited and with an asset finance and leasing consultancy, Philip Davies Consultancy.

In summary, I have both legal and management skills and experience, the former covering a range of work types, business development activities and mentoring of junior staff and the latter covering the gamut of management and operational issues (business organisation and planning, finance, strategy, budgeting, HR, recruitment, premises, operational issues, regulatory matters, insurance etc). I have undertaken substantial change management processes. I have operated on an international stage, with considerable contact (and thus understanding the need for empathy with) overseas and world-wide entities, cultures and environments and have experience of many business structures and legal sectors.